No Regrets


It has been a month since I started my PhD and I can feel the beginnings of an emotional rollercoaster…

My journey so far…

First things first….my first day:

My desk

As I look back on my first day, I remember gleefully and nervously climbing the central staircase up to my brand new office. With each step I kept thinking “I cannot believe I am here, I cannot believe I am doing this… they’ve picked me to do a PhD at one of the most prestigious School’s of Pharmacy in England! – Can I do this?”

I reach the top of the stairs turn right and enter my office… I look around and get the warmest reception, I suddenly feel at ease and excited!

I have been looking for a new challenge for a while now, prior to this I would flip between community and hospital pharmacy throughout the year to keep me on my toes but deep down I have been looking for more, either that or I have serious commitment issues – I’ll let you know when I find out.

change curveEach professional role I have taken from Pharmacy student, Pre-registration student to Pharmacist I have gone through this cycle …. and this is no different except I have no idea what I am doing (I have been told this is normal..)

I did wonder how hard it would be to go from full time working to full time self study, uprooting my husband and taking the risk. But I did.. and I encourage whoever reads this blog weigh up the pros and cons (if your like me and it makes you feel better but actually you will take the risk anyway 😉 ) and just do it – good or bad you will always learn something new in the process.

So…to conclude one month on.. from working a 7.5hour day, being able to measure my success on a day to day basis e.g. I have checked x amount of prescriptions, screened x amount of prescriptions, medicinIMG_0035es use reviews etc and being content to a complete free-for-all writing PhD notes in Tesco, thinking about pharmacy at 2am and still feeling stagnant..

I wouldn’t take it away because even though I hate the feeling of being lost, taking myself out of my comfort zone through this opportunity has made me feel inspired and confident to actually act on and produce new entrepreneurial and innovative ideas.



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