About me…

Who am I?

Hello!University of Nottingham Campus

My name is Yasmin and I am a UK registered Pharmacist. I have just started a PhD at Nottingham University in New Models of Care in Community Pharmacy. This is my first blog post so bear with me :).

I have worked in various sectors of pharmacy  – Hospital, Community and Urgent care. If you have any questions or would like more information/advice on these sectors please contact me, I would be happy to answer any questions.

                                                       Why am I blogging?

I IMG_6601am blogging because I would like to share my world with you! I am very passionate about healthcare and I believe all patients deserve the right to easily accessible healthcare. I think it is very important to be able to have healthcare at your doorstep if needed. Through community pharmacy this is very much achievable! (A high percentage of the UK population is a 20 minute walk away from a community pharmacy!(Todd et Al (2014)

IMG_6750What will I be blogging about?

I will be blogging about various topics about pharmacy services, how you can access them and why it is easier to ‘nip down to your local – no appointment needed’ to get healthcare advice than wait weeks for a GP appointment                                                          or 3 hours in A+E.

As I haveIMG_0324 just started a PhD and the world of research is so new to me so I will also be blogging about my journey. On topics such as Statistics and other methods. As you can imagine, starting university after so long can be daunting, I am by no means an expert in these fields but I am hoping writing this blog will help me assimilate large complicated information and place it into bitesize chunks we can all understand :).

How you can leave feedback?YouTube-feat

Please leave me feedback and
comments! I would love to know your thoughts, advice and any topics you would like me to blog about.

You can contact me in the following ways :):

YouTube: AskAPharmacist

Twitter: @yasminkarsan

Instagram: AskaPharmacist

Email: Yasminthepharmacist@gmail.com


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